Backstop Art is a collective effort of Austin-based artists Lauren Gurgiolo, Hannah Baker, and Wendy Mitchell. Each artist brings her own direction and specialties to the table, blending music, visual art/sculpture, and storytelling into cohesive and immersive multi-sensory experiences. Backstop Art marks the convergence of the artists’ interests and skills, both materially and conceptually. Most recently inspired by Sartre’s idea of bad faith and the constellation model of relationship therapy, the group explores the subtleties of social interaction, group relationships, and self-identity. In addition to the three founding members, the group intentionally draws from a fertile community of artists, musicians, and technicians to aid in the construction and performances of its pieces. Collaboration is the keystone of Backstop Art’s mission, not only between the collective and others artists, but also between with the audience and the works themselves. In each piece, it is imperative that visitors are not passive observers but are in fact active participants who are essential to the completion of the work.